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Covid19 Train Travel Information and Restrictions between Geneva and Paris

  • vrijdag 19 november 2021 @ 09:50

    Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, train travel between Geneva and Paris has been partially opened. Travel information and restrictions between the European cities are often changed so as to meet up with new developments. 
    And we’ve take it upon ourselves to inform our passengers of any changes in travel information and restrictions government placed on train travel into Paris. For the Geneva to Paris train, international entry between the two countries is permitted. But entry is partially open for citizens and permanent residents of Switzerland. 
    Before entry into Paris from Geneva, there are some COVID-19 requirements passengers have to fulfil. You must provide negative COVID-19 test issued not later than 3 days before arrival. Health declaration is required. Only passengers with evidence of vaccination are exempted from providing the mandatory COVID-19 test.
    Upon entry into the French capital, travelers must abide to the safety rules. The French government has imposed measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the country. You must at all times maintain a one meter physical distance from the closest person to you. You must always put on your face mask whenever you’re in a public place.
    As at the time of writing this post, all the above information is current and accurate. However, you must ensure to check the latest COVID-19 travel regulations for your train from Geneva to Paris some days before date of departure.
    traveling safely to Paris

    Are there train travel restrictions on returning to Geneva from Paris? 
    The travel restriction for return train to Geneva from Paris is also partially open, just like in the case of going. In the same vein, international entry is allowed for citizens and permanent residents of France. You also need to satisfy the COVID-19 requirements for re-entry into Switzerland.
    Travelers must provide negative COVID-19 test issued not later than 3 days before returning. If you don’t have the test result upon arrival, you’ll have to undergo 14 days mandatory self-quarantine. 
    Only a negative COVID-19 test is required to end quarantine early. And you can only do the test after 4 days in quarantine. Travelers who have who have recovered from the virus in the last 6 months are exempted from providing a negative COVID-19 test but certificate is required.
    Also, travelers with evidence of vaccination are exempt from providing a negative COVID-19 test. But health declaration is required and digital entry registration is needed prior to arrival.
    The safety rule to maintain once you’re in the city is the same as that of Paris (physical distance and face mask whenever you’re in a public place). Ensure to always check for the latest COVID-19 restrictions before your date of departure.

    Check traveling safely in Geneva for the latest information about trains to Geneva and always visit the operating company’s website to confirm any additional rules that may apply.