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Tips on how to travel from Amsterdam to Berlin

  • dinsdag 26 oktober 2021 @ 17:26

    Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, is one of the major travel destinations in Europe. Passengers depart and arrive in the city everyday through cars, buses, trains, and planes. You can get trains to any part of Europe from Amsterdam. There’s no shortage of travel options in and out of the capital city.
    Many people think taking a flight from Amsterdam is the fastest way to travel to Berlin. What they don’t know is that it is easier, cheaper, and faster to travel by train unless you live near the airports. Trains shuttle through the Amsterdam to Berlin route every day, including weekends and holidays.
    The distance between Amsterdam and Berlin is about 575 km. It takes an average of 6h 20 minutes to travel between these two European cities by train. Dutch Railways (NS), DB Fernverkehr, Deutsche Bahn Intercity and others operate trains on the Amsterdam to Berlin route. The trains usually run from the Amsterdam Centraal station in Amsterdam to the Berlin East station in Berlin.
    Deutsche Bahn Intercity and Dutch Railways (NS) operate fasting-moving passenger trains connecting the two cities. The trains travel at an average speed of 300km/h. About 42 trains depart from Amsterdam to Berlin every week. Some of the trains make a stop along the way, while others are direct depending on the day of departure.
    Most Amsterdam to Berlin trains do arrive on time or within 15 minutes of the scheduled time. From Amsterdam to Berlin, Deutsche Bahn Intercity and Dutch Railways (NS) trains are faster than taking flight, and they are more comfortable and convenient. As a result, about 80 percent of the Amsterdam-Berlin transport market have been captured by Deutsche Bahn Intercity and Dutch Railways (NS).
    Here are tips on traveling to Berlin from Amsterdam Amsterdam to Berlin train with the cheapest tickets.  
    The Amsterdam to Berlin train tickets are usually open for booking about 180 days ahead of departure. This gives you ample time to plan your traveling schedule. The earlier you make bookings the cheaper the price of tickets. 
    Deutsche Bahn Intercity and Dutch Railways (NS) train tickets from Amsterdam to Berlin start at €39.81 one-way or €78.31 return for the Second class, while the fare for the first class starts at €119.10 one-way, and €187.12 for a return ticket.
    That being said, Deutsche Bahn Intercity and Dutch Railways (NS) have dynamic pricing for tickets like that of air travel. The price of tickets increases as the date of departure gets closer, and the cheap seats sell out quickly due to early bookings. For instance, the Second class ticket that starts at €39.81 may rise to around €79.64 on the departure day. Also, popular days, weekends, and holidays have fewer cheap tickets available than on regular days. 
    Check here for Amsterdam to Berlin train tickets and travel times. Ensure to make bookings well ahead of time and avoid busy days like Fridays and Sunday afternoons. The return tickets with the cheapest price at €78.31 can only be found between Monday afternoon and Thursday midnight.