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Amsterdam to Berlin train

  • maandag 18 oktober 2021 @ 12:13

    Trains travel from Amsterdam to Berlin every day, during weekdays and on weekends. The distance from Amsterdam is approximately 575 km to Berlin. And it takes about 6 hours 20 minutes to complete the journey. What this mean is that train travel is one of the fastest and most convenient solutions for passenger to travel between these European cities.
    It is not so common to travel from Amsterdam to Berlin without transferring at least once. The Amsterdam to Berlin train travel is operated by Dutch Railways (NS), DB Fernverkehr AG, Deutsche Bahn Intercity and others.
    The numbers of trains that depart from Amsterdam to Berlin is about 42 trains per week running between 0700h and 1900h. On weekends and holidays, schedule often vary, you’ll need to check in advance before booking your ticket. Only about seven trains depart on Saturdays but operation on Sundays tends to be fully. See train schedule here Amsterdam to Berlin train plan.

    Amsterdam to Berlin trains leave from the Amsterdam Centraal railroad station. The station features all the modern amenities required by travelers. These include 24 hours lockers and baggage storage, cycle storage and a shopping center that opens from 0700h to 2200h daily. 
    Amsterdam Centraal station is easily accessible from all part of the city. Available essential services for passengers especially those with mobility problems. The station is served by good public transport links. The trams and buses convey passengers to their different destinations and ferries to Amsterdam North. 
    The arrival station is at Berlin East station. It is known for its elegant arched roof and it is one of the landmarks in Berlin. All passengers arriving from the train are first subjected to border control and security checks. Thereafter, they can enter into the main concourse of the station which feature a variety of bars, retail outlets, restaurants and other essential amenities.
    The Amsterdam to Berlin train tickets will cost an average of €56.90 if you buy it on the departure day. But the tickets can be bought cheaper at €39.81 if you make your bookings ahead of time. The Amsterdam to Berlin train tickets are often released around three to six months in advance. And they can be bought at a cheaper rate when booked earlier. Once you know the date you want to travel, it is better for you to make your bookings ahead of time. You can get cheaper train tickets from Amsterdam to Berlin by booking early.

    Some travel tips to get cheap Amsterdam to Berlin train tickets
    Most European train tickets are usually open for booking around three to six months in advance. But if the bookings are not yet available for your preferred dates, you can set a booking alert to receive notification on the day the cheapest Amsterdam to Berlin train tickets are released.
    Also, you need to be flexible with your travel plans and avoid peak hours. Many of the operators of train services increase ticket prices during peak hours. You should consider traveling outside the peak hours to find cheaper train tickets.

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