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Cottages in London for an Incredible Stay

  • woensdag 22 september 2021 @ 12:41

    There's no doubt that London is a major travel destination for different kinds of people worldwide. Families, couples on honeymoon, backpackers, and solo travelers all frequent the English capital on holiday or business visits. To cater for travelers’ accommodation, there are affordable holiday cottages close to the St Pancras railway station station guide for travelers 

    The cottages are in strategic locations and offer the best service, comfort, facilities, and hospitality. Most people are used to popular and expensive hotels in London. But let's keep that aside and look into rentable cottages that offer everything to make your stay in London a memorable one.

    Here are the top cottages in London for an incredible stay or vacation.

    1. Cartref

    Cartref is a pet-friendly apartment located at Victoria Place. It is an accommodation ideal for people who want to spend a few days away from the hustle and bustles of the city. The apartment is one of the affordable cottages in London. It comprises a vast living area, spacious kitchen, bedroom, and a well-treated garden. Cartref is just a few minutes away from Furnham Castle, and it is one of the cottages close to St Pancras station where you can spend your vacation.

    2. The London Cottage

    The London cottage is a quaint little abode for a pleasant vacation. It is located in Beckenham, London. The apartment offers a well-decorated spacious room, living area, open kitchen, and ample parking space. It is a typical Victorian-style house, providing all kinds of amenities and comfort. The London cottage is on the same level as any luxurious London hotel. It is the former residence of the Ambassador of Ceylon. 

    3. The Old Bakery

    The Old Bakery is one of the romantic cottages near St Pancras station in London. It is a perfect abode for couples on honeymoon or a family of four. The apartment includes two bedrooms, a huge kitchen, and facilities for private dining in the garden. It has proximity to the riverfront area, gift shop, cafe, and country pubs. All these make the cottage an ideal place for first-time visitors.    

    4. Little Birketts Cottage

    Here's a cottage for a perfect holiday. Little Birketts is a timber-framed cottage that can accommodate up to six people. It comprises facilities such as free Wi-Fi, a sprawling garden, artistic decor, and LED TV. All these make visitors feel at home altogether. If you're looking for a place away from the city noise, Little Birkett's cottage is a perfect choice.

    5. Harrison Barber Cottage

    Spending your holiday at Harrison Barber cottage is one way to have a peaceful and luxurious vacation in London. It is a three-bedroom Victorian-style cottage with wooden decor. The apartment has a well-equipped kitchen and an outdoor patio. There is a staff who can help make arrangements for horseback riding and canoeing.    

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