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Important Travel Recommendation between Milan and Reggio Emilia

  • dinsdag 24 augustus 2021 @ 13:06

    Here in this post, we’ll provide you with all the travel information you need for Milan to Reggio Emilia train travel. Check out the up-to-date schedules, travel times, and estimated fares from various transport operators. All this information will help you make informed decision on how best to travel between these two cities.

    Milan and Reggio Emilia are two popular cities in Italy. The distance between them is about 567 km, and the common means of transportation include cars, buses, trains, and planes. But train travel remains the cheapest and fastest means to travel between these two Italian cities.

    Train travel from Milan to Reggio Emilia is the most popular and convenient means between the two cities. With a direct train, you can save yourself the stress of driving a long distance. The average train travel time is 1h 13min.

    About 40 direct trains depart from Milan to Reggio Emilia every day. The trains leave from the Milan station and arrive at the Reggio Emilia station. They usually depart from the Milan station as early as 0400h in the early morning till around 2025h in the night. You can choose from the several time options, the one that best suits your travel schedule.

    Note that the travel information for weekends and holidays can vary. You need to check before making your bookings.

    Trenitalia Frecce, ItaloTreno and Trenitalia Intercity operate the Milan to Reggio Emilia trains. You can purchase tickets for the Milan to Reggio Emilia train travel from any of the following websites:
    * Saveatrain.com
    * Virail.com
    * B-europe.com, and
    * Onlytrain.com

    The price of Milan to Reggio Emilia train ticket usually depends on the time you're making your bookings. This means that you can get a train ticket at a cheaper rate when you make bookings ahead of time. The average price of a Milan to Reggio Emilia train ticket is €11.44.   

    Some travel tips to get cheap Milan to Reggio Emilia train tickets

    Most European train tickets are usually open for booking around three to six months in advance. But if the bookings are not yet available for your preferred dates, you can set a booking alert to receive notification on the day the cheapest Milan to Reggio train tickets are released.

    The train ticket price is cheaper when you book in advance. The further they are booked ahead of time, the cheaper they become. If you buy your Milan to Reggio train ticket three weeks in advance, you can save on average up to 25% on the price of the ticket available on departure day.

    Also, you need to be flexible with your travel plans and avoid peak hours. Many of the operators of train services increase ticket prices during peak hours. It would help if you considered traveling outside the peak hours to find cheaper train tickets.

    Overview of the train travel recommendations between Milan and Reggio Emilia

    Average train time:    1h 13 minutes
    Fastest train time:    45 minutes
    Trains per day:        40
    Cheapest price:        €11.44
    Highest price:        €13.70
    The first train departs:    0400h
    The last train departs:    2025h