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Swiss Railway

  • dinsdag 19 januari 2021 @ 12:47

    Swiss Federal Railways (German: Schweizerische Bundesbahnen, SBB; French: Chemins de fer fédéraux suisses, CFF; Italian: Ferrovie federali svizzere, FFS) is the public railway organization of Switzerland. It is generally alluded to by the initials of its German, French, and Italian names, either as SBB CFF FFS, or utilized independently. The Romansh adaptation of its name, Viafiers federalas svizras, isn't formally utilized. 

    SBB Overview 

    SBB Swiss Federal Railways is molding the versatility of things to come – basic, individual, associated. 

    SBB keeps Switzerland moving – just shy of 33,000 workers ensure that travelers and merchandise arrive at their objections securely, easily and on schedule and they do this consistently nonstop. 

    The railway rises above all etymological, social and political limits to unite Switzerland, and in monetary and social terms, it makes a fundamental commitment to the personal satisfaction and intensity of our nation. Be that as it may, SBB is considerably more than simply an advanced, proficient railway organization. As a business and contractual worker, a land owner and a land administrator, SBB assumes liability for Switzerland, its districts and the climate. 

    SBB is setting the course for the portability of things to come. SBB needs to remain a solid railway just as a dependable versatility specialist co-op and advancement accomplice. It is joining the qualities of the railway with the capability of new innovation, prompting developments, for example, new administrations for house to house ventures, advanced stations, brilliant cargo carts and even limit builds because of upgraded railway innovation. 

    SBB Company 

    The organization is settled in Bern. It used to be an administration foundation, yet since 1999 it has been an exceptional stock organization whose offers are held by the Swiss Confederation and the Swiss cantons. 

    SBB was positioned first among public European rail frameworks in the 2017 European Railway Performance Index for its power of utilization, nature of administration, and security rating.[4] While European rail administrators, for example, French SNCF and Spanish Renfe have underlined the structure of fast rail, SBB has put resources into the dependability and nature of administration of its traditional rail organization. Notwithstanding traveler rail, SBB works payload and cargo rail administration and has huge land possessions in Switzerland. 


    Swiss Federal Railways is isolated into three divisions and eight groups.[5] The divisions deal with the important operational organizations. These divisions are: 

    - Passenger traffic 

    - Infrastructure 

    - Real Estate

    The previous division Cargo turned into an autonomous gathering organization toward the beginning of 2019. 

    SBB's eight gatherings deal with the organization and backing the operational business of the divisions with administration and backing capacities. These gatherings are: 

    - Finance 

    - HR 

    - IT 

    - Communications 

    - Corporate Development 

    - Safety and Quality 

    - Legal and Compliance 

    - Supply Chain Management 

    The organization is driven in an innovative way. A presentation understanding between Swiss Federal Railways and the Swiss Confederation characterizes the necessities and is refreshed at regular intervals. Simultaneously the pay rates per train and track-kilometer are characterized. 

    An auxiliary, SBB GmbH, is answerable for traveler traffic in Germany. It works the Wiesentalbahn and the Seehas administrations. Different auxiliaries are THURBO, RegionAlps, AlpTransit Gotthard AG, Cisalpino, and TiLo (the last related to Italian specialists). Swiss Federal Railways hold huge portions of the Zentralbahn and Lyria SAS. 

    The Stiftung Historisches Erbe der ("SBB Historic") was established in 2002. This establishment deals with noteworthy moving stock and runs a specialized library in Bern, report and photographic chronicles, and the SBB banner assortment. 

    Note: The Swiss Federal Railways rail network is completely charged. The meter check Brünigbahn was SBB's just non-standard measure line, until it was out-sourced and converged with the Luzern-Stans-Engelberg-Bahn to shape the Zentralbahn, in which SBB holds shares.